Friday, 27 April 2012

Tegan - Baby Hat with Top Knot Pattern

A few weeks ago, (well probably a couple of months ago by now!!) a customer asked me for a top-knot beanie pattern. I've eventually got round to it. I've made it very simple and knit in the round, and I'm offering it for free on Craftsy and also on Ravelry

It's knit in double knit/8 ply yarn and the pattern has photos of all the stages, so it's ideal for anyone who is quite new to knitting in the round. There are instructions for 5 sizes from premature (4 - 6lbs) to 2years
Like all my patterns, you can use it to make items for sale - but please don't copy the pattern and pass it off as your own - if you want to share it, be friendly and post a link to it either on Craftsy, Ravelry or here - thank you so much :)

If you have a go at knitting it, let me know what you think

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Blue squares, Brown squares

Like many crafters I know, I can never just work on one project at a time..... that would just be far too logical, and down right boring, but I must have been in a "blue/brown squares" sort of mood when I started these two projects.

The quilt is a queen size nine patch made from a jelly roll from the Sweetwater Pure collection. I bought it at the Festival of Quilts, Birmingham, UK  last August and pieced most of the top last year, but then I wanted some more fabric from the same range for a border, and as often happens with Moda fabrics, it was hard to get. Luckily SewLux on Etsy came up were able to help me out, and within a few days I was able to finish the top. Then as so often happens I flitted onto something else, but now is the time to finish this quilt! I can only do so much at a time as getting all that quilt into the throat of my machine and keeping it supported is hard work on the hands and arms, but it is staying on my desk until it is finished!

The second project I'm working on also happens to be blue and brown squares! Its a crocheted granny square throw for the spare bed - well Ruby (one of my cats) would tell me it was her bed, if she could! As the number of squares laid out on the bed increases, she has had to sleep further and further up the bed! She's a sensible cat... she knows she'll get thrown off if she dares to sleep on anything I'm in the middle of making. The reason for making this was that I have a lot of oddments of organic cotton yarn left over from other projects, none of the dye lots match, and its the perfect "on the go" item to carry around with me to do in odd moments or whilst (hopefully!) sitting in the sun with a cup of tea this Easter. I would say that I will post the finished pictures soon, but I know myself better than that! I've still got to crochet them all together.... and that is going to be a long. boring job!